This painting is a reprise of a smaller painting created for a 2004 group show at COCA - Center On Contemporary Art in Seattle, Washington The exhibition was titled "101 Ways To Remove A President From Power" curated by Greg Lundgren of Why do our elected officials take a nation to war? and what if that war is never-ending? Beyond "protecting vital interests", war is fantastically profitable, and has been the driver of high technologies for the past 50 years. This artworks aim was not to glorify military might, but to remind the viewer that the surveillance enveloped upon our "enemies" can also be applied to us, the citizens of the USA. This is an understatement for sure... but I believe that we will never live in peace-time again. We are mired in FOREVER WAR.

This painting measures 4x5 feet and is framed in black ash. The price tag is $8000.00.